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All cities in the world

17 Jun 2013 · @fiorix

Earlier this year the database of was switched back to MaxMind GeoLite and it required a complete rewrite of the updatedb script. It’s the script that automatically downloads a bunch of files from multiple sources, process and combine them to generate the database file used by freegeoip.

One of the files downloaded in the process (of generating the final db) is region.csv, which is a list of regions (states or provinces) by country. Turns out this list is formatted as ASCII and therefore lacks accented characters in region names.

I wanted to fix it and after some searching found this post, in which there’s an actual list of all cities, towns, etc. Some python-fu filtered out only the relevant info, and the output was a CSV with only three columns: country, region and city.

Since then, our database has proper names for all regions and cities.

The list of all cities in the world was previously hosted somewhere else, but from now on is hosted on the blog, and the updatedb script will fetch it from here for building the database.

Download: · source code