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Yet another datacentre and upstart

15 Nov 2013 · @fiorix

Quick update: now running on a dedicated server at DataShack, and no longer using supervisord.

The whole deployment at Digital Ocean was becoming too complex. It was running on a location that didn’t have private LAN between the droplets and therefore used the public internet for the communication between the load balancer and instances.

That’s one of the reasons why I decided to move it somewhere else. For the same price with much less headache and much more horsepower, now it’s on its own bare metal server.

Another important change is how it’s being run. Previously, I used supervisor to run the server and rotate logs, but it has become too expensive using about 30% of cpu time just for that.

The new server is currently using go-daemon for running the service on Ubuntu’s upstart. It takes only 2% of cpu time for the exact same thing, and logs are rotated by logrotate.

I’ve updated the project’s README file with instructions so others can do the same: · source code