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Enabled IPv6

11 Apr 2015 · @fiorix

This is a long due change that many people wanted. Today I finally enabled IPv6 support for

Although this may sound like a simple change, it actually required a combination of things in order to make this happen. First, the IP database needs to support IPv6, and this was check marked a while ago when the database was migrated to the binary version of GeoLite2.

Besides the database, there’s also the network setup. Because runs on a little cluster at Digital Ocean, each virtual machine needed IPv6. Finally, those IPs were added to the CDN controller that protects (and speeds up) the site and HTTP API, Cloud Flare, to enable full IPv6 support.

So if you’re on v6 already, the automatic query when you access the website or query the API with curl works for you now. For those using on their website to query for their visitor’s IP, it now works when your visitors are coming from IPv6.

Enjoy! · source code